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20th March 2015



Calling Utopia
Two Sisters. Two guitars, two attitudes, two minds and two voices in sync. It was 2008 when sisters Jess and Sarah Renehan woke up their sleepy little town in South Australia with a deafening harmony; a call for Utopia. As many who’ve grown up in a small town will know, isolation can be the ultimate catalyst for imagination. Yours is a choice between walking in circles on that familiar road to nowhere or taking what you know, re-mixing it with your dreams and paving your own yellow brick road to somewhere new, somewhere where change isn’t a battle but an inevitability. For the Renehan sisters, music infused more than their dreams, it was in the air they breathed. From school choirs to national youth choirs, teen rock bands to recording studios, they both knew that when life hit a bump in the road they could find and each other, and their sense of purpose, in rock’n'roll. But it’s a long way to the top, as fellow Aussie rocker Bon Scott so wisely decreed some 30 years before their time. In Sarah and Jess's case they kicked off that rock’n'roll journey in late 2009 with a 1631km drive north up Australia’s East Coast to the city of Brisbane. If these three likely adventurers had set off to see the wizard, they found him in the form of Brisbane record producer James North. After an intense month of recording and arranging 13 tracks, refining a unique image and exploring the wilds of the city, Calling Utopia’s debut album ‘XIII’ was locked, loaded and ready for release in 2010. In 2011 however, the bands musical journey got put on hold as one of the sisters, Sarah, suffered medical issues resulting in her having brain surgery 4 times within three months. Determined not to let this stop them though, Calling Utopia finished off 2011 with a bang and kick started 2012 headlining Mount Gambiers New Years Eve Festival. Throughout 2012 the band have made the most of the year with getting in top 100, top 40 and top 10 charts on Ourstage, acoustic tours, headlining National Youth Week, traveling to Melbourne to record their new single with producer Dave Carr and filming a music video in Sydney with director Darko Djerich. 

Nick Charles

It’s no surprise that the prestigious Black Rose Acoustic Society in Colorado USA describes Australian guitarist, Nick Charles, as “a world class stylist and composer”.  His dazzling, melodic fingerpicking on 6 and 12 string guitars, stinging slide and a lifetime’s stories and songs from the musical highway has him labelled by the Melbourne Age as “ Australia ’s virtuoso of acoustic roots and blues”                              

During an extensive and acclaimed career, Nick has released many albums on major roots and guitar music labels. He has garnered world-wide recognition for a series of releases on Black Market Music, beginning with “My Place” and now his most recent albums, “Closer to Home” and “Return of the Travelling Fingerpicker”. This recognition has succeeded in having Nick signed to the Grammy award winning label, Solid Air Records USA (“Home of the world’s finest guitarists”).  Averaging 150 shows a year in Australia , New Zealand the USA and the UK , his music encompasses an eclectic mix of acoustic roots including blues, folk and early ragtime jazz.

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20th February 2015


Khristian Mizzi and the Sirens

Their aching, harmonised folk-rock speaks of Australian history, underpinned by a wonderful melodic sensibility. Stirring stuff....... Anthea Palmer.

In the vein of great storytellers before him, Khristian’s songs are engaging, dynamic and promise to stay with you long after your first acquaintance. 

Recent time in the studio has followed tours of Canada and the East Coast of Australia, and with life as his muse, Khristian has created a new album that speaks of both challenges and triumphs with a voice that speaks to all walks of life. Uplifting and positive Folk music sentiments backed by masterful and subtle group of musicians who surround Khristian’s warm and ‘down-to-earth’ songs with a blanket of ethereal soundscapes. An award-winning songwriter and guitarist, Khristian has a special talent for drawing the listener into his world and making them feel at home within the music he creates with his band. Now ready to reignite the following he has built over the years, Khristian and his band 'The Sirens' are preparing to once again capture the imagination of audiences with the release of their brand new album 'Midwinter Spring' which is available now at

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January 18th 2015 Club BBQ
Another year ends - another year starts. We have had the BBQ at Upper Beaconsfield fro the past few years. This year we tried some thing different. It was a great afternoon. Very relaxed and enjoyed by all.


December 19th 2014
Its Christmas time again
It's laid back and have a casually good time night. It's open stage (with a guest performance). This close to Christmas it's a good way to take a break from madsville. Very friendly night.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 21st 2014
The Long and Short of It
The Long and Short of Its David Baird (the short) sings It circles the whole wide world from China to Peru / ain't it amazing how it found me and you / when theres so many lovers and just one moonwith his smooth tenor voice on Just One Moon, a track off the duos new album You Made Me Stronger. But the same line could be used to describe the happenstance surrounding how David met his songwriting partner, Patsy Toop (the long), who five years ago summoned the courage to approach David at a charity gig he was performing and ask him if she might be able to sing along. Fast forward 5 years and the duo has made a name for themselves with their well rounded country sound consisting of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics, and honey coated chocolateharmonies. Its these ingredients that have seen David and Patsy earn the adoration of fans and critics.

Great harmonies from this pair. Songs in the charts. What more could you ask for.


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October 17th 2014

Gretta Ziller

Gretta Ziller is an Alt Country Roots Singer/Songwriter with an ever-growing list of musical accolades. Most notable are her highly regarded & memorable performance during the 2013 Telstra Road to Discovery Grand Finals at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, as well as her 2013 TSA/APRA New Songwriter of the Year award.

Gretta Ziller released her debut EP "Hell’s Half Acre" on the 8th August. The 5-track EP was written by the Alt Country artist and included one co-write with Jasper Hollis. Produced by the current CMAA Producer Of The Year Matt Fell, the title track and second single tells the story of a "getting out of the bed you made" situation. It's a tale of self-realisation, how you got yourself into this pickle, and how you got the hell out!

With vocals that range from sweet folk to gritty blues you’d never know Gretta started off her career as a Classical singer, and songwriting idols like Steve Earle, Jim Lauderdale and Holly Williams, Gretta is finding a multitude of welcoming arms for her blend of Country Roots & Americana music.

Kaitlyn Thomas

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Kaitlyn guides you to a fresh and unique world of music. Winning the Australian Youth Songwriter of the Year with the Australian Song writing Association she is becoming one of Australia's fastest growing singers and is quickly cementing her place in the Australian Music Scene as an artist to watch. Her blend of country/pop music appeals to all as she takes you on a journey through the mind of a teenager with her beautifully-crafted award winning songs. She is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your hearts racing with her lively and personality driven performances. She has been known to take her audiences from laughter to tears in one fleeting moment with her powerful voice and sweet presence on stage, singing with a maturity far beyond her years.

Another great night for our Country Night.



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September 19th 2014


Rose Bygrave had to cancel due to illness so we had

The beautiful voice of Clem Sedgeman

The talents of Cathy Dobson

The harmonies of Pete and Pat




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August 30th 2014
Bluegrass Bonanza Part 2
with The Stetson Family and Faux Grass

Sponsored by Folk Victoria and Hosted by Badfolk. Part 2 features The Stetson Family Band and Faux Grass. Supported by the Mountain Pickers, PFC and Fat Chance

You don't get any better bluegrass music in one place than this. What a great night.

held at the Balla Balla Centre, Cranbourne.

August 15th 2014

Jimmy Fong

In 1994, Fong was asked to play with Denver in a private performance in Malaysia for the Sultan of Kedah. "I was humbled in John Denver's presence and and was inspired by that meeting with him," Fong said.

Born in Penang, an island off the West Malaysian Coast, Jimmy Fong has been strumming his guitar since T.V was in black and white. 42 years and thousands of performances later, it's fair to say Jimmy has never been a better performer.

Right now, he is widely accepted as one of the finest acoustic guitarists/entertainers in both home countries – Australia and Malaysia. Just like John Denver and James Taylor did for the generation of the late 60's & 70's, Jimmy inspires his audience. Creating a new and exciting musical genre that can be enjoyed by all. "The audience was thrilled with Jimmy and he has a great following. He writes quite a few of his own songs which are a credit to him and are most entertaining.His "Jonker Street", which tells the tale of his cultural background, is wonderful & we hope it reaches out to all his fans. Jimmy is currently working on his latest project – Jonker Street. It's a candid but beautiful snapshot of Malacca through song.

Jimmy is a very entertaining performer - check him out.

The new committee was elected at our AGM as well.

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July 18th 2014



It's Australiana  Geoffrey Graham  
A Battle of the Giants of Verse?
The classic poem of reckless bravado, Mulga Bill’s Bicycle may be etched into your brain from school days. Was the Banjo our greatest ever poet? Not so, say some supporters of Henry Lawson and the fans of CJ Dennis may step up to have their eloquent say. The three camps could mount the stage with their best examples and adjudicators could argue well into the night on their way to a torturous decision. Who would win such battle of verse? Thankfully it doesn’t come down to that as each “bard” has a lot to say in their own way. And they did it convincingly, eloquently, humorously and so often with the ability to move emotionally.
Geoffrey W Graham’s Show Three Bards and Me
is a performance unlike any other. With a track record as a tried and true presenter of verse, song and repartee, Geoffrey presents verse examples, powerfully put, to thrill the enthusiast and move the hardest of hearts. His stock in trade appears to be an ability to do what most presenters of this kind don’t: involve the audience. The outcome is tear-jerking, side splitting and downright memorable.  Geoffrey says, “I don’t have a formula, I simply try to make them feel that they are part of the story.”
Audiences will delight in the romance, the pathos, and the one-upmanship. Asked about the “Me” part of Three Bards and Me, Geoffrey said “I will draw from original material and occasionally a contemporary song to balance the performance.”

Ed Walker

Mr Walker has lived in Narre Warren for many years and has a strong involvement with the local community.
He has performed at the City of Casey’s Mayoral Charity Concert and was also a finalist in the Casey Idol competition.
“I’ve always been aware of the Aussie spirit – I can feel the strength, courage and compassion that emanates from it and it influences Australians from all walks of life in so many different ways.”
“I see it everywhere from the humble Aussie battler, to our elite sportsmen and sportswomen.
“From the kind volunteers that help the underprivileged, to the paramedics who are so caring to those in need of urgent help.”

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June 20th 2014
Weeping Willows
Andy Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery.  That kind of description might make them sound like some carefully contrived concept-act, but there’s something truly different about The Weeping Willows: they really mean it.

Just like their old timey forefathers, Laura and Andy see themselves as simply contributors.  They are cogs in the wheel; part of a long music tradition that emerged years before their own existence and will survive them by hook or by crook.  The old songs they sing are plucked from the canon, the new ones they write are simply added to the book.  The origin of each track is almost irrelevant, as all are performed with an authenticity and vibrancy befitting this most dignified and welcoming genre.  A Weeping Willows performance, whether live on location or caught on tape, will always delight.

“The Weeping Willows – a new duo that draws inspiration from the fragile, Gospel-tinged work of Johnny and June Cash as well as more modern boy-girl outfits like The Handsome Family or Gillian Welch/Dave Rawlings…”  ~’Pearl’ Magazine – July 2012.

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June 7th 2014


Bluegrass Bonanza Pt 1

Hard Drive Bluegrass Band and Coolgrass

Folk Victoria, in association, with Badfolk is hosting a night of bluegrass supported by local clubs. 
Two main acts -  - too much talent to miss.

We had a great turn up for this. Part 2 is booked for the 30th August


May 16th 2014

Songwriters in the Round
We have four songwriters who have released CD's recently. Songwriters in the round fills in gaps. Provides the stories behind the songs and gives them more meaning to them.


Chris Newman - Late Night Movie
Wildewood - Things that go Bump in the Night
Sandy Rassmussen - Halfway north (My Journey)
Edward Nass - Doing Nothing


This was a great night of music. Don't pass these events as low key.

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April 2014 Its Good Friday. No club this month. A Happy Easter to you all.
21st March 2014

Steve Romig - Mama Blue (and Son)

Two years ago I said to my Mum “I’m not getting you anything for Christmas, I’m going to record you.”
Originally I wanted to do this to preserve a record of her doing something decent.
She had been recorded before but with backing tracks in cheap studios and I didn’t think these reflected
what she was capable of so the process began.
She decided it would be a good idea to do some old blues songs by Dinah Washington, Sippie Wallace and
Nina Simone and I decided to add some originals in the same vein. So I wrote Look at my baby dance, Nothin’ to do but sing the blues and Body on my Mind. We also added Georgia

Olive has been singing for giggles in various wine bars around the Mornington Peninsula for years and is
greatly admired by fellow entertainers and patrons alike.
Steve, in spite of being actively discouraged by his step father, went on to become a musician.
He started learning guitar at the age of 15 and began writing songs around the same time because he thought “if the Beatles can do it so can I”.
And he certainly did it. A fabulous act and if you do get a chance to see them, don't delay.

Full History Here

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21st February 2014


Patrick Evans

Guitarist, singer and fiddle player Patrick Evans grew up playing folk music in the Geelong area before relocating to Melbourne where he has become a well known figure due to his work for Maton Guitars.  Over the years he has worked alongside many great artists including Danny Spooner, Ross Ryan, Hugh McDonald, Janette Geri, Marcia Howard and recently Suzette Herft. Patrick is also well known for his time in various bands including Fiddlestix, Pure Genius and The Wrenboys. Patrick’s musical roots are firmly in the Celtic music tradition but he is equally at home playing a Beatles song or jazz standard. He is also an accomplished songwriter and solo performer with the broad repertoire that comes from such a depth of musical experience..  






Stuart Pendrill (The Curly Haired Folker From Dover)

Stuart Pendrill is a singer songwriter who has long been entertaining audiences in folk clubs in and around the southeast of England, he is now gaining wider recognition through his performances at festivals and clubs across the country.

With a large repertoire of self penned, classic and familiar songs, amassed over many years of performing, he delivers a relaxed and humorous performance.

When asked what keeps you performing, he replies "I'm doing the thing I love" and it shows.......

We were in the Chaple. A great turnout - Alarms went off (caused by a mouse) but the show went on. A special mention to the spot acts - all high quality and entertaining.

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The Lisa Dean Award went to Tony

19th January 2014 Club BBQ
Yes it was on again at
Upper Beaconsfield Community Center
 A good turn out with plenty of food and entertainment on the day. Just right to kick off another year.


20th December 2013 Christmas
Time again to share the Christmas Cheer with all of you Badfolkies. A relaxed night to ease the shopping rush. And It was with guest artists Journey Bound add to the entertainment on the night.


15th November 2013


Don't Think Twice

Janet, Wendy and Eric have been singing together for over 35 years.  
From the early days of folk and ballads to blues, jazz, musical comedy and even music hall.

"We don't mind what we sing" say the group "As long as we get to play with our harmonies. It's what we've become known for.

Even though Don't Think Twice comprises two girls and one guy, they have become known for their brilliant program of  original Peter, Paul and Mary arrangements.

"PP&M took the songs of  Dylan, Denver, Seeger and so many other greats, arranging them so that the lyrics and the melodies could be best presented to mass markets. We learnt to love harmony singing through PP&M's early songs. It's an honour for us to keep presenting their body of work."


Support Act

Jam Tarts
Take 3 dazzling women - add a guitar, a dash of ukulele, some gorgeous harmonies and mix in some love songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's - and there you have The Jam Tarts Trio......a lot of fun, a little bit naughty but very, very nice !!

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The Lisa Dean Award went to Jose and Wendy
The Rat Gratitude Award
went to Owen




18th October 2013 Grandsons of the Pioneers
Having all come from a background of playing in bands for a combined total of about 160 years, the "Grandsons" came together initially to have a social pick together on weekends, enjoying playing and singing songs with a lean towards "Country", and in particular, traditional Western Cowboy music.
They eventually built up a repertoire of songs which featured four part harmony vocals accompanied by acoustic guitars.
Leo suggested recording the songs in his home studio which resulted in the production of this CD.
The Grandsons of the Pioneers are...........   John Tippett, acoustic bass and vocals   Bill Jeffrey,   acoustic guitar and vocals  Con Anag,   nylon string guitar and vocals   Leo Dalton,  acoustic guitar and vocals.

Support Act Jillian Lampkin
With a love of music and performance starting from a young age, Melbourne based singer/songwriter began her career in the Australian youth choir at the age 8 and from there moved on to join Peter Ellis music, where she had the opportunity to compete in many eisteddfods and grew as a solo vocalist and moved into the country music genre.
After 5 years of competition wins and festivals, 2012 brought with it the release of her debut EP "Just for Tonight" as well as the opportunity to perform with some of Australia's best country music artists, such as Adam Harvey and The Davidson Brothers.

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                            This was a big night - Go see these artists if you get a chance.

20th September 2013 Alanna and Alicia Egan
Alanna & Alicia are twin sisters who blend folk, jazz and roots in their original, acoustic songs. Known for their sweet, sibling harmonies and fine songwriting, the sisters have charmed audiences from the National Folk Festival to Fairbridge with their onstage warmth and sense of fun. Their lyrics, equal parts heart and humour, sparkle with an original, intimate voice that is rare in songwriters today.

We had a great line up of spot acts 
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16th August 2013 Enda Kenny
“A superb collection of songs from Australia’s finest folksinger”   Sydney Morning Herald
Stellar songs and smooth-as-silk performance from Australia's premier folk singer-songwriter. Enda's songs bring the world around you to life. No detail is too small, no story too big to find its way through lyric and tune to your heart.  Journey with Enda's songs across an emotional landscape. Laugh, cry, thrill or protest, Enda's live show will always entertain you and his albums frequently find their way onto the repeat stack of his long time followers. This is an act not to be missed!

21st July 2013 Peoples Place Bigger than Texas Concert
Supported  by Badfolk, Peninsula Peoples Place, Fathers in the Chapel and Verandah Music. The biggest music clubs on the Peninsula unite for your pleasure and enjoyment included afternoon tea. A great afternoon well presented by Jamez.

19th July 2013
Ross Ryan
Ross Ryan is one of Australia's original and most celebrated singer-songwriters. His albums have won Record of the Year and Album of the Year awards and his songs have been recorded by performers as diverse as John Farnham and Slim Dusty.
2013 sees Ross celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of his signature tune, ‘I Am Pegasus' - a song that remained in the charts for 7 months and is still a perennial favourite of Australian radio. ‘Pegasus’ was named in 2003 by ABC TV’s "Love Is In The Air" as an Australian Anthem.
Further information can be found at:
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June 21st 2013 Suzette Herft and the HeartStrings
Suzette Herft, Patrick Evans and Chris Lazzaro are the HeartStrings.  A trio of wonderful, contemporary troubadours and award winning songwriters.  Suzette captures the heart and soul of a song and carries it to you on the wings of her glorious singing voice.  She is complemented by the vocals and instrumental genius of Patrick (fiddle and guitar) and Chris (mandolin, banjo and guitar). 
If there was a voice that could temper a fire and whisper its secrets velvet bound.
If there was a voice that could move a river and finds its warm streams of gold.
If there was a voice that could glide the air and smooth a storm to bring a smile to you , it is the voice of Suzette Herft. “ (George Condos – Melbourne Music)

Members Draw
went to Huan

May 17th 2013 Ange Takats
A lot has happened since singer/songwriter Ange Takats left Sydney back in 2000. She joined a folk rock band in Thailand, interviewed Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, fell in love with a Romanian Canadian, published a travel memoir and has just released her second album Arva. “I've had a rather unusual path into the world of music – via Bangkok. I went there to work as a foreign correspondent with Reuters and landed a second job as a singer in a Thai band,” the National Folk Festival Award Winner said. Ange, who now calls the Sunshine Coast Queensland home, says her overseas adventures have inspired many of the tracks on the new album.

and Takin Time
Colin and Susan came together as a singing duo in the Spring of 2004 and became a couple in the romantic sense as well, getting married on 21st January 2006 at The Musical Village where they first met! Without doubt, Susan is an undiscovered talent. Her singing voice has been compared to Judith Durham, Nana Mouskouri and Linda Ronstadt. Their music has been described as 'easy listening' but they have also provided an up-tempo offering with one of Gippsland's finest musicians; Terry Cupples (bass) who probably has no peer in Gippsland, and also Brenden Morris when Terry isn't available and Leigh Bechaz on guitar/mandolin. 
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The Rat Award to Pat

April 19th 2013 Faux Grass
had its beginnings in November 2011 when David Aumann and Blair Webb, both former members of Fat Chance, decided to get together to do Louvin Brothers-type material with mandolin, guitar and two part harmony. Evan Webb, a long time friend, offered to play bass and that seemed like a good idea. We will be joined for Bad folk by Peter Someville, banjo player for many of the well known bands around Melbourne.

Each of the members has a solid musical background. Bassist Evan Webb currently plays in Mama's Mountain Jug Band, Appalachian Heaven old timey band and Faux Grass. Mandolinist David Aumann has previously played in Fat Chance and Indigo Rye bluegrass bands as well as a long stint playing Irish in Ragwort and Thistle bush band. Guitarist Blair Webb, our junior member/front man/sex symbol, came to us from Fat Chance and assorted country bands. Peter Somerville has played banjo for many of the well known folk bands around Melbourne, including Uncle Bill, The Somervilles, the Alley Cats, Banjovie, Tarnation, the Pheasant Pluckers, the Marvilles and more. All four members sing and multi-part harmonies are a feature of the band. (By the way, Blair and Evan are not related, but Blair takes great pleasure in calling Evan “uncle”.)
Members Draw went to Lorraine
The Rat Award to Andrew & Janet

March 15th 2013 Rick E Vengeance
When Rick E Vengeance first appeared on the folk music scene in Australia back in 1977 he was considered a young turk who had an eclectic taste in clothes and a flair for entertaining. Years later many fans consider him an institution (some would say a relic) especially when it comes to performing. Over the years he has been many things, dance caller, radio dj, guitar teacher, accomplished mc, band leader and a fine guitarist but most of all he is a much loved member of the folk music community who always gives his all. Rick opened Badfolk in 2002 and has celebrated a couple of milestones with the club. Due to illness he could not attend for our 10 year celebration so we have him now - a little belated but happy to have him again. Rick now resides in Yea and runs sessions once a month.
and Ian Castles
With a mix up in the booking with Rick, Ian came along to fill in. Ian has a fabulous voice and is a staunch supporter of music. 
Ian has been singing and playing his guitar to audiences for as long as he can remember. He is one of a dying breed of entertainers that is in it for the "love", and not just for the money. Every time he gets on stage he gives 200%, and the audience appreciates his talent every time.
He has been involved in the Australian Country Music Industry for a very long time, and has recorded 4 Albums.
Ian has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame at Tamworth, as well as in Barmera South Australia.

Members Draw
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The Rat Award to Barbara

February 15th 2013
Bruce Watson is an icon of the Australian folk scene. Based in Melbourne, he plays regularly at festivals, folk clubs and other venues throughout Australia. He has received a stack of songwriting awards and had his songs covered by performers of the calibre of Eric Bogle, Joe Dolce, Greg Champion, and a host of other Australian and international performers.
He has produced six albums of original songs, received radio airplay across Australia, and he appears on many compilation albums alongside artists such as Yothu Yindi and Christine Anu.
Eric Bogle has described him as “the best songwriter I have seen in a long time.” Melbourne folk institution The Boite says, “Bruce Watson is a wordsmith, a teller of tales, a spinner of yarns he tells with passion and integrity. An Australian folk hero!”
His performances are joyful and thoroughly engaging, with witty lyrics and energetic presentation. He is a masterful craftsman of songs, be they evocative and heart wrenching, or side-splittingly funny.
Members Draw went to Jean
The Rat Award to Sandy.

January 20th 2013 Club BBQ - Sunday
Again this year we held it at the Upper Beaconsfield Community Centre, Sailsbury Road, Upper Beaconsfield.
Its was an open stage afternoon with many fine performances from members.
A nice way to start the year

December 21st 2012  Christmas
Always a relaxed friendly night to finish up the year. It's an open stage event.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

November 16th 2012 Maria Forde
As an Irish- Australian, Maria Forde has always straddled both sides of her heritage in her songwriting. Incorporating the sweet melodies, that are the trademark of the Irish musical heritage, with observations of Australia, along with her personal experiences, Maria has blossomed into one of Australia's premier songwriters. Her first album - "Will You Dance With Me?" - features the title song, written for a friend's wedding, that has become a theme for weddings, in Australia and internationally, by Maria's original and various cover versions. 
Members Draw went to ?
The Rat Award to Rudi.

October 19th 2012 John Flanagan and the Begin Again's 
John Flanagan and the Begin Agains have been impressing audiences at gigs and festivals around the country with their lush 4-part vocal harmonies and delicate acoustic textures on banjo, guitars, violin and mandolin. Drawing comparisons to artists such as Gillian Welch, James Taylor and Alison Krauss the 4-piece Melbourne band has developed a stirring sound driven by heartbreaking melodies and deeply honest storytelling. In late 2008 John joined forces with seasoned musicians Jane Patterson, Andy Zito and Mark Zito to record their first album 'Meet Me In Between' and they have been touring together ever since.
Members Draw went to Clem
The Rat Award to Martin

September 21st 2012  10th Anniversary
Rick had to cancel due to illness - So instead we had 
1 - The best new male vocalist (Tamworth 1981) 
(Paul Wookey)
2 - An Aussie icon who sang about a mythical horse
(Ross Ryan)
And We Had Birthday Cake

Members Draw went to Clem.   The Rat Award to Clem. - And he cleaned up on the night.

August 17th 2012  Brent Parlane
Born in NZ to Air-force family. Moved every 2 years all around NZ, London, and Bangkok. First musical performance, singing an A Cappella version of Sheb Wooley's "The Flying Purple People Eater" at School Christmas Show (6 Years old) The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Seekers were all leaving their mark when Brent's Mum died of Kidney failure when he was 12.In the '80's Brent became a must see act in Melbourne and Sydney wrote and recorded and pioneered the self -funded album. During this time he also opened for Randy Newman, Jesse Winchester and Guy Clark. He also continued his love of traveling doing gigs in London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and LA.
Traveling to Tamworth in the early '90's he soon scored a record deal and some awards and went on touring with lots of TV and Radio exposure.

CD Release - Slow Release Ken Newham began writing his own material in the mid 1990's. Just as a hobby that grew from many miles of travelled and places seen. Influences range from John Williamson, John Fogarty, Dylan or anybody who can tell a story. This release of his CD is the next step following the hobby/therapy stages. Anybody who has half a mind then make a CD - that's all you need. Drawing on a life full of experiences, Ken's songs are about real people and events in country Australia.

AGM went well as usual. - Congratulations to the in coming committee

Members Draw went to Jose.
The Rat Award to Jose. - He cleaned up on the night.

July 20th 2012 Greg Champion
Songwriter, singer, comedian and prominent radio personality Greg Champion captures what it is to be Australian through his unique combination of comedy, sports parodies and country/folk music. Born in Benalla Victoria and raised in South Australia, Champs is Australia's leading writer of AFL and cricket songs, with several Aussie Rules hit songs since the 1980s. His musical diversity however, extends beyond the sports fields to include more moving and descriptive song writing capturing the emotion of Australian life in the way John Williamson, Eric Bogle and Ted Egan are renowned for. Always a Club favourite

Members Draw went to Zelma.
The Rat Award to Mick

June 15th 2012 Nia Robertson
Nia grew up listening to the Slims (Dusty, Whitman and Newton) Tammy, Dolly and all things country, and like most teenagers embraced the live music culture in the 80s, singing in an original rock band! It wasn't until much later that she returned to her country roots and started writing the tracks for her debut album "Middle of Blue". The first single - Spirit of Elvis (It Never Snows) was released to country in May 2010. It tells the story of a troubled young woman who travels to Graceland believing the spirit of Elvis will give her the answers she is searching for.

Susan Lily Described as "quirky" Susan's personality shines through in her music.  Her songs seem to write themselves and just arrive out of nowhere in a spasmodic ethereal kind of way.  It's hard to put an adjective to her actual style of song except to say they are melodic and uplifting .  Susan likes the idea of crossing the boundaries of music genres and intermixing styles to create a well rounded experience for the ears.  She's a little left of centre and likes to take her audiences on a journey of joy and fun, with a twist. 

Support Act  Tim Hannan CD Release
began song writing many years ago writing parody songs about people and events at my work. 10 years ago my wife, Lisa, challenged me to write a country song. I sat outside our Jayco van in the caravan park at Beechworth and wrote a song about the bush, mates and cars. The next morning I put it to some simple chords and a melody and thought, "Hey! That’s not too bad!" I didn't realize it at the time but this opened up the flood gates and all the stories I had been storing in my head for years came flooding out. A few of these early songs have now made their way onto my 1st CD titled, “Big Boys Toys”. I have been very lucky with my songs, having been a finalist in many competitions and several have gone on to win.

Members Draw went to Jim
Rat Award went to Graham

May 18th 2012
The Stetson Family

"How refreshing to come across a bluegrass band from Melbourne, Australia, who passionately embrace this challenging style of "roots music" and have fun performing their original songs of murder, mayhem and twisted tales of the human heart!  They mix it up with newgrass and 'high lonesome' country - which demonstrates their musical prowess and excellent taste." (Mary Cannon, Mystery Train, BayFM)
The Stetson Family is a five-piece band of knockabouts from Melbourne, Australia, who bring a fresh twist to the timeless sound of bluegrass and high-lonesome country/folk with their home-made songs of snake-handlin' preachers, shallow bush graves, love gone wrong and wandering down life's crooked highways. The band is made up of Nad Budge (vocals/dobro), John Bartholomeusz (guitar/vocals), Colin Swan (banjo), Andy Carswell (mandolin) and Cool Hand Luke Richardson (double bass).

Members Draw went to June V.
The Rat Award to Barbara

April 20th 2012
Leigh Sloggett

music was describe by Mark S. Tucker from 'The Folk Music Exchange' as, "...a letter perfect blend of folk and blues, one of the best I've ever heard". Leigh has released two albums, 'Sliding To Your Destiny' in 2006 and ‘Looking For the Clues' 2008 and is due to release his third later this year. He performs original acoustic folk, blues, and instrumental guitar music. His songs, rich in story telling and delivered with distinctive husk tinged vocals and compelling musicianship, on both lap-slide and finger picked guitar are sure to enchant you. Leigh has been performing around Melbourne's pubs, festivals and clubs since 2002 and toured overseas for the first time in 2008.

Support Act - Edward Nass
Releasing his first CD - Memories and Other Tales.  Edward presents songs about Family, Community and Personal Experiences. Stories which we all can relate to and with a touch of humor.

Members Draw went to Jacquie
The Rat Award to Andrew

March 16th 2012 Coolgrass
has been in many shapes and forms over the last 10 years or so. If you haven't seen them then you have not been seriously entertained. Bruce with Angus, Jim and Doug fit together really well. Musically fabulous, great harmonies and jokes you laugh at (not groan) "Coolgrass, Rhythm and Bluegrass (and comedy)".
Coolgrass enjoy straight bluegrass, but prefer their bluegrass to be a bit bent. In addition to their own songs and parodies, Coolgrass tackle the likes of Mozart, Mancini, Chuck Berry, Queen, Duke Ellington and many more in a tongue-firmly-in-cheek bluegrass style.

Don't be fooled by their light hearted nature. These guys play top quality blues/bluegrass.

Damn, I split my sides laughing and they have more hats than a millner.

Members Draw went to .
The Rat Award to David - Always entertaining with a comedy song.

February 17th 2012 A J Leonard
Recognized as one of Australia's pre-eminent exponents of the ukulele, A. J. Leonard together with Jenny Rowlands "the hardest working cellist in show business" play old & latter-day classics and A.J.'s original music providing audiences everywhere with a sound described as "simply irresistible".

Equally at home playing a Beatles favourite as he is with popular 20's and 30's ukulele standards, A.J. Leonard is well known by ukulele devotees around Australia for his amazing dexterity, finely-crafted arrangements and breezy singing style. 

Their 2011 exploits included a short tour of the US, Illawarra & National Folk festivals and the Melbourne & Cairns ukulele festivals.  

A Great night and the Uke and chello are a great pairing by these two.

Members Draw went to .
The Rat Award to Bill - A terrific Bass voice doing old style country songs 

January 15th 2012 Club BBQ (Sunday 12-5)
Held at the Upper Beaconsfield Community Centre, 10-12 Sailsbury Road, Upper Beaconsfield 3808. No issues with heat or rain. A great day to cruise into the new year with lots of talent.


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