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October 17th 2014



Gretta Ziller

Gretta Ziller is an Alt Country Roots Singer/Songwriter with an ever-growing list of musical accolades. Most notable are her highly regarded & memorable performance during the 2013 Telstra Road to Discovery Grand Finals at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, as well as her 2013 TSA/APRA New Songwriter of the Year award.

Gretta Ziller released her debut EP "Hell’s Half Acre" on the 8th August. The 5-track EP was written by the Alt Country artist and included one co-write with Jasper Hollis. Produced by the current CMAA Producer Of The Year Matt Fell, the title track and second single tells the story of a "getting out of the bed you made" situation. It's a tale of self-realisation, how you got yourself into this pickle, and how you got the hell out!

With vocals that range from sweet folk to gritty blues you’d never know Gretta started off her career as a Classical singer, and songwriting idols like Steve Earle, Jim Lauderdale and Holly Williams, Gretta is finding a multitude of welcoming arms for her blend of Country Roots & Americana music.



Kaitlyn Thomas

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Kaitlyn guides you to a fresh and unique world of music. Winning the Australian Youth Songwriter of the Year with the Australian Song writing Association she is becoming one of Australia's fastest growing singers and is quickly cementing her place in the Australian Music Scene as an artist to watch. Her blend of country/pop music appeals to all as she takes you on a journey through the mind of a teenager with her beautifully-crafted award winning songs. She is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your hearts racing with her lively and personality driven performances. She has been known to take her audiences from laughter to tears in one fleeting moment with her powerful voice and sweet presence on stage, singing with a maturity far beyond her years.

Yes folks - Its a country night with not one but two rising stars.


November 21st 2014

The Long and Short of It
The Long and Short of It’s David Baird (the short) sings “It circles the whole wide world from China to Peru / ain't it amazing how it found me and you / when there’s so many lovers and just one moon” with his smooth tenor voice on “Just One Moon”, a track off the duo’s new album You Made Me Stronger. But the same line could be used to describe the happenstance surrounding how David met his songwriting partner, Patsy Toop (the long), who five years ago summoned the courage to approach David at a charity gig he was performing and ask him if she might be able to sing along. Fast forward 5 years and the duo has made a name for themselves with their well rounded country sound consisting of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics, and “honey coated chocolate” harmonies. It’s these ingredients that have seen David and Patsy earn the adoration of fans and critics.