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Certificate from CHARM for our involvement in Australia Day Events over the past 5 years.

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PA Hire

For Non Profit Organisations. We have a PA available for your event at a very reasonable cost, operated by us. Give us a call to see if we can assist you.

Open Stage

A video recording of your performance will be available if you ask before you perform. There is a nominal charge. Collect it on the next club night.
We start the night with an open stage segment. We do not book these spots unless there are exceptional circumstances at our discretion.
As there should be only 6 spots we find we can showcase more if you follow -------
The Rules : -

Put your name down at the door when you arrive. Order of performance will be advised.
2 songs per spot (must finish with in 10 minutes).
Be professional in your performance - It is a chance for you to develop/present your skills.
Tune your instrument before you go on stage.
Microphones are for speaking/singing into - Not tapping.
Leads are supplied on stage - Sound people will assist you setting up.
Ask for more/less fold back. Be comfortable on stage  - It's your performance.
Enjoy - We are a listening audience.
Anything else - Ask.............but don't be disappointed with a negative response - we are  all volunteers.
NOTE: If you miss out on a spot on the Open Stage, I will guarantee a spot the following month only.

21st August 2015

the four piece Celtic Country band from Melbourne, Australia, was formed in 1992 by Corkman Kieran O’Connell.
  Their debut original album, Weeds and Wildflowers, was released in 2013, earning the band an award at the 2014 Australian Celtic Music Awards.

Over the years, Shanakee has been home to some of Australia’s finest musicians and the current lineup of Kieran on vocals, guitar and bodhran, Greg Hunt on fiddle and mandolin, Mark McNeilly on bass, five string banjo, whistle, guitar and vocals and Dave Walker on vocals, guitar and mandolin.

They bring a vast and varied range of musical experiences to the table and have impressive touring and recording resumes.  Monthly residencies at The Celtic Club in Melbourne and the Bay Hotel in Mornington, along with regular special concerts and festival appearances have cemented Shanakee’s place as one of Australia’s premiere Celtic acts.

Their formula is a simple one – have a good time, enjoy each other’s company and play great music.

The appeal of Shanakee stretches across generations and cultures and brings together people from all walks of life, people who are connected by a mutual love of the Celtic heartbeat at the core of Shanakee’s music and are drawn to the spirit of the band.

There’s something greater than the sum of its parts when they take to the stage, an energy that has been beautifully captured on Weeds and Wildflowers.

As a front man, Kieran is a born storyteller and entertainer.  His songs are tales of experiences, emotions and events, written in his inimitable style, frank, forthright and utterly engaging.  It’s little wonder he chose the name Shanakee for his band. In Gaelic, Shanakee is written Seanchaí and is the name given to a storyteller or a bearer of old lore; someone who keeps the stories and legends alive.

It’s an apt description for this Irish expat, a man who has wholeheartedly embraced his adopted land through his life, his story and his song, while still honouring the Celtic spirit that burns deep within.

Shanakee are: Kieran O’Connell, vocals, guitar, bodhran | Greg Hunt: Fiddle, mandolin | Mark McNeilly: bass, vocals, whistle, five string banjo, guitar | Dave Walker: guitar, vocals, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass.

Its our AGM as well.


18th September 2015




The Weathered Heads

are a foot-stomping country bluegrass band from Gembrook in Victoria. Formed in 2008 this four piece band plays mainly old-timey Americana music with an Australian streak and a tradesman touch! Comprising a mix of guitars, mandolin, banjo, dobro and electric bass, the Weathered Heads keep up a lively sound with rich vocal harmonies, raging banjo, meaningless banter, and hip-swaying rhythms. This is a band that will keep you smiling throughout their set.

Trev, Dirk, Don and Ian perform bluegrass and country-folk.




Slim Dime

Based in Melbourne, Australia - acoustic duo - Slim Dime are Jen Land & Chris Taylor: vocals, guitar, banjo & tenor guitar.

Jen Land & Chris Taylor have been playing together for the last 10 years making country tinged music in as bands such as The Original Smith Family and The Bitter Sweets. They presently play in Slim Dime and the Prairie Kings - a Western Swing Boogie Woogie 6 Piece band and Slim Dime - an acoustic duo. Recorded at Incubator Studios by candlelight 'Hold Fast" is a mesmerizing country folk journey, with solid song writing and beautiful renditions of traditional songs. They have performed at Festivals such as Fleurieu Folk Festival, Blackwood Festival of Music and Culture and The Great Alpine Pick.


Yes it's a Bluegrassy night