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20th February 2015

Khristian Mizzi and the Sirens

Their aching, harmonised folk-rock speaks of Australian history, underpinned by a wonderful melodic sensibility. Stirring stuff....... Anthea Palmer.

In the vein of great storytellers before him, Khristian’s songs are engaging, dynamic and promise to stay with you long after your first acquaintance. 

Recent time in the studio has followed tours of Canada and the East Coast of Australia, and with life as his muse, Khristian has created a new album that speaks of both challenges and triumphs with a voice that speaks to all walks of life. Uplifting and positive Folk music sentiments backed by masterful and subtle group of musicians who surround Khristian’s warm and ‘down-to-earth’ songs with a blanket of ethereal soundscapes. An award-winning songwriter and guitarist, Khristian has a special talent for drawing the listener into his world and making them feel at home within the music he creates with his band. Now ready to reignite the following he has built over the years, Khristian and his band 'The Sirens' are preparing to once again capture the imagination of audiences with the release of their brand new album 'Midwinter Spring' which is available now at

20th March 2015




Calling Utopia
Two Sisters. Two guitars, two attitudes, two minds and two voices in sync. It was 2008 when sisters Jess and Sarah Renehan woke up their sleepy little town in South Australia with a deafening harmony; a call for Utopia. As many who’ve grown up in a small town will know, isolation can be the ultimate catalyst for imagination. Yours is a choice between walking in circles on that familiar road to nowhere or taking what you know, re-mixing it with your dreams and paving your own yellow brick road to somewhere new, somewhere where change isn’t a battle but an inevitability. For the Renehan sisters, music infused more than their dreams, it was in the air they breathed. From school choirs to national youth choirs, teen rock bands to recording studios, they both knew that when life hit a bump in the road they could find and each other, and their sense of purpose, in rock’n'roll. But it’s a long way to the top, as fellow Aussie rocker Bon Scott so wisely decreed some 30 years before their time. In Sarah and Jess's case they kicked off that rock’n'roll journey in late 2009 with a 1631km drive north up Australia’s East Coast to the city of Brisbane. If these three likely adventurers had set off to see the wizard, they found him in the form of Brisbane record producer James North. After an intense month of recording and arranging 13 tracks, refining a unique image and exploring the wilds of the city, Calling Utopia’s debut album ‘XIII’ was locked, loaded and ready for release in 2010. In 2011 however, the bands musical journey got put on hold as one of the sisters, Sarah, suffered medical issues resulting in her having brain surgery 4 times within three months. Determined not to let this stop them though, Calling Utopia finished off 2011 with a bang and kick started 2012 headlining Mount Gambiers New Years Eve Festival. Throughout 2012 the band have made the most of the year with getting in top 100, top 40 and top 10 charts on Ourstage, acoustic tours, headlining National Youth Week, traveling to Melbourne to record their new single with producer Dave Carr and filming a music video in Sydney with director Darko Djerich. They have also completed their first overseas tour in September which took place in New Zealand over two weeks. Now in 2014, with a line-up change, the recording of their hit single "The Hero Vs The Villain" and earning spotlight places on Reverbnations home page and artist spotlight and a 2 month stint of playing in America, the sisters are back and looking to record a brand new EP with producer Dave Carr called "Don't Hold Back". With a brand new energy, new sound and a renewed longing to share their music with the world, Calling Utopia are a force to be reckoned with. We can't wait to share with you all what we have in store! Calling Utopia describe their music as honest, heartfelt, energetic, catchy and playful. Blending their lyrical content from both personal experience and imagination the band draw on their respect for acts like Pink, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Jewel, Michelle Branch, Suzie Q and Paramore for musical inspiration

Brendan Forward
is a solo musician who plays a mix of blues and rock & roll. He plays originals as well as throwing in his own versions of blues songs, which are influenced by Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, The Rolling Stones, Izzy Stradlin’, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Skip James, and John Lee Hooker.

With over 14 years of playing music, Brendan Forward has performed in a variety of venues as a solo artist, as well as constantly busking on the streets of Melbourne within the past year
. He can be found supporting all of the more well known Blues men around town.