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We have other events happening from time to time so check the listings below or better yet, come on down - announcements are made on club nights and by email.



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April 2014 Its Good Friday. No club this month. A Happy Easter to you all.
May 16th 2014
Songwriters in the Round
We have four songwriters who have released CD's recently. Songwriters in the round fills in gaps. Provides the stories behind the songs and gives them more meaning to them.


Chris Newman - Late Night Movie
Wildewood - Things that go Bump in the Night
Sandy Rassmussen - Halfway north (My Journey)
Edward Nass - Doing Nothing


June 7th 2014
7.30 - 11.30 pm

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Bluegrass Bonanza

Hard Drive Bluegrass Band and Coolgrass

Folk Victoria, in association, with Badfolk is hosting a night of bluegrass supported by local clubs. 
Two main acts -  - too much talent to miss.

65 Berwick Cranbourne Road,
Cranbourne East. Vic.  3977.                                                                      

(next door to Cranbourne Library)  Melways Ref: 134-B6

$20.00 General Admission
$16.00 for supporting club members (show your membership at the door).

Book on line at

More info Phone 03 97021223

June 20th 2014

Weeping Willows
Andy Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery.  That kind of description might make them sound like some carefully contrived concept-act, but there’s something truly different about The Weeping Willows: they really mean it.

Just like their old timey forefathers, Laura and Andy see themselves as simply contributors.  They are cogs in the wheel; part of a long music tradition that emerged years before their own existence and will survive them by hook or by crook.  The old songs they sing are plucked from the canon, the new ones they write are simply added to the book.  The origin of each track is almost irrelevant, as all are performed with an authenticity and vibrancy befitting this most dignified and welcoming genre.  A Weeping Willows performance, whether live on location or caught on tape, will always delight.

“The Weeping Willows – a new duo that draws inspiration from the fragile, Gospel-tinged work of Johnny and June Cash as well as more modern boy-girl outfits like The Handsome Family or Gillian Welch/Dave Rawlings…”  ~’Pearl’ Magazine – July 2012.

July 18th 2014

It's Australiana

Geoffrey Graham
A unique Australiana performer. He creates a package of Dinkum Entertainment by combining comedy, bush poetry, and music, as well as a swag of genuine Australian things including whipcracking. 'Fair dinkum' is an Australian saying meaning 'the real thing' the 'genuine article' and 'straight' as in 'no bull'.
So Dinkum Oz Entertainment describes a stable of unpretentious performances that are well researched, smoothly executed and come at you "straight from the heart."





Ed Walker

Mr Walker has lived in Narre Warren for many years and has a strong involvement with the local community.
He has performed at the City of Casey’s Mayoral Charity Concert and was also a finalist in the Casey Idol competition.
“I’ve always been aware of the Aussie spirit – I can feel the strength, courage and compassion that emanates from it and it influences Australians from all walks of life in so many different ways.”
“I see it everywhere from the humble Aussie battler, to our elite sportsmen and sportswomen.
“From the kind volunteers that help the underprivileged, to the paramedics who are so caring to those in need of urgent help.”


August 15th 2014

Jimmy Fong

In 1994, Fong was asked to play with Denver in a private performance in Malaysia for the Sultan of Kedah. "I was humbled in John Denver's presence and and was inspired by that meeting with him," Fong said.

Born in Penang, an island off the West Malaysian Coast, Jimmy Fong has been strumming his guitar since T.V was in black and white. 42 years and thousands of performances later, it's fair to say Jimmy has never been a better performer.

Mingling the sounds of East and West into beautiful music that resonates with his audience is what Jimmy does best. " I grew up with a strong musical influence from both sides" said Jimmy. But it's not just the music. It's the passion and warmth of feeling that goes into every performance that makes Jimmy Fong much more than a musician. It makes him an artist.

Right now, he is widely accepted as one of the finest acoustic guitarists/entertainers in both home countries – Australia and Malaysia. Just like John Denver and James Taylor did for the generation of the late 60's & 70's, Jimmy inspires his audience. Creating a new and exciting musical genre that can be enjoyed by all. "The audience was thrilled with Jimmy and he has a great following. He writes quite a few of his own songs which are a credit to him and are most entertaining.His "Jonker Street", which tells the tale of his cultural background, is wonderful & we hope it reaches out to all his fans. Jimmy is currently working on his latest project – Jonker Street. It's a candid but beautiful snapshot of Malacca through song